Weighing Scales, Price Checkers & ESL


 ACOM Nets Series  CAS CL 5500 Label Printing Scale
 CAS CL 5200 Label Printing Scale   



  • Simple design, simple operation
  • Elegant numeric and message display
  • 60(120 at double) direct speed PLU keys
  • Interface through TCP/IP, RS-232C, WiFi
  • Over 4,000 PLU with 1,000 character label
  • Dynamic memory management
  • High resolution (1/60,000)
  • Fast label printing

  • Flexible & Reliable Network System,
  • Easy Loading Paper Cartridge
  • Free Format Label Designs
  • User-Friendly PC Software
  • Memory: 8,000 Plus & 1,000 Ingredients
  • Speed Key: 144 PLU Keys
  • Supporting Free Label Format Design

  • High VIS double sided pole display
  • Fast Reliable Thermal Label Printer
  • 72 Preser PLU Keys , 144 with shift
  • Menu driven easy programming
  • Barcode Printing Capability
  • Easy label cassette loading
  • Capacity 15kg * 5g
  • Free format label option



Price Checker

 Scan Kiosk SK-40  TSL Price Checker
 Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)   



  • Super RISC Processor 400MHz Processor
  • Standard Linux 2.6 Kernel or WinCE 6.0
  • 256MB Memory Flash, 128MB RAM
  • 4.3" diagonal (None Touch display)
  • SK40 color screen price verifier (none touch)
  • Multimedia support with High quality speakers
  • Rotatable scanner window for installation
  • Comprehensive networking options
  • Browser display technology for userfriendly access

  • 8.9-inch (resistive) touch screen
  • 1D Omni-directional Laser Scanner
  • 20-line scan pattern
  • Ultra low-power 486 level processor
  • Enables fast data processing and transaction
  • Better flexibility, expandability and
  • Quick and easy scan of a product bar code
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • Meet user demands

  • ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is
    a price displaying system
    installed on shelves in stores.
    A communication network allows
    the price to be automatically
    updated and displayed when change
    is made.This distinctive and
    comprehensive solution is based
    on a combination of low-power
    wireless communication
    technology with e-paper display