SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SLES: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Increase Uptime, Improve Efficiency & Accelerate Innovation
SLES offers users the advantage of working more effectively through improvement of uptime, better efficiency and accelerated innovation. It’s versatile server operating system for deploying highly available enterprise class has its services in mixed environments with the best of breed performance and risk reduction which increases reliability and cost reduction mechanisms with advanced RAS to achieve zero downtime with live patching and easy customized systems using YaST, which gives you the capability to customize your system quickly during and after the installation.

It helps user to stay ahead with cloud ready networking by using Wicked (Wicked makes it easy to manage ever-more-complicated network configurations such as VLAN, virtualization, bridging, bonding, and IPv6) to gain operational advantages with its standard based on the SolidDriver program. The program accelerates the adoption of new technologies by removing complexities and risks associated with deploying kernel drivers. It gives customers an easy way to identify fully compatible and supported software code.