Remote Monitoring Management


RMM is the collection of Organization Data in Information Technology Tools which are then loaded to active clientele workshops and servers offline. The service provider provides management tools that help in trouble ticket tracking with Remote desktop Monitoring from the support team using user information.
RMM effectively handles client Information Technology Requirements by increasing productivity of Monitored Workstations and Organization Client base simultaneously. This is done by the set up software which predicts the problem and resolves the issue even before the client is aware of the situation which means they never have to experience it. The software has an automated scheduled maintenance task.
RMM offers connection without the use of firewalls, VPNs or configuring routers with the use of agent Technologies that offer an offline connection which mean the server detects the problem and reports it to the service provider and Technical Experts who then fix the problem remotely offline.
Depending on your Organizations system Setup, we recommend the use of one of these two products;

1)    SolarWinds n-able
This is service oriented system that offers monitoring, Management and Support of collected data. It prioritizes in exceeding client expectations by providing tools needed for faster service in a way that automatically discovers and applies the best monitoring practices with the installation of antiviruses, patches and backup systems all being monitored offline by both service provider and the customer.

2)    Novell Suite; This product is divided into two sub products-
2.1) The Novell ZenWorks Suite helps ease management of organization task application. It offers a one panel control system that gives the management the ability to work smarter, not longer. The system was also made to blend in to the environments current setup making it applicable in the organizations current environment.
2.2) The Novell Groupwise suite  offers a complete collaboration software solution that provides email, calendaring, instant messaging, task management, contact & document management functions.