Identity Access Management



Your business needs immediate, easy and secure access to information. But you must balance that with access controls that secure protected information and help you meet government mandates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


With Identity-Powered Access solutions, you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments. Our solutions use integrated identity information to create, modify, and retire identities and control their access. We provide Identity Management, Access Management, single sign-on (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and Active Directory (AD) administration.




Give users quick and secure access to the resources they need

I need to balance the need to quickly revoke access with enabling immediate access to IT resources. How can I easily and quickly grant secure access to the correct people, both in the Cloud and in the enterprise?.


Make passwords secure and simple to remember

My users have to remember and use too many passwords. This leads to expensive reset calls, risks exposure from reuse, and causes user frustration. How can I enable a seamless single sign-on (SSO) experience across the enterprise and the Cloud?




Make it easy to gain access to IT resources

When users need access to resources, the approvals need to happen quickly so those users can remain productive. How can I make it easier for users or managers to request, review and approve secure access to resources, no matter where they reside?            


Govern access for regulatory compliance

I need to demonstrate compliance with regulations or mandates that require controls to enforce least privilege access to sensitive information. Current certification processes are a burden on IT and the business. How can I more efficiently demonstrate access controls that limit access to only those that need it?




Control and monitor privileged users

We are challenged to grant ‘just enough’ access and authority for people to do their jobs. Without fine-grained role or access control, we end up granting more rights or access than we should. How can I grant and enforce least privileges?               


Strengthen authentication without restricting productivity

My users’ passwords are too easily compromised, and I deal with a growing list of requirements for stronger authentication to satisfy our security needs. How can I increase the security of access while keeping it easy for all of my users so they aren’t burdened with an unwieldy environment?