Security Management


Access to information has never been so easy, open and diverse. Easy access opens the door to a wide range of security threats. Your job is to detect and respond to all potential threats quickly and decisively.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Identity-Powered Security Solutions work by integrating identity information with security monitoring, giving you the security intelligence you need, when you need it, to detect and respond to abnormal activity that signals a data breach or compliance gap. Our Security Management solutions provide visibility and control of user activities, security events, and critical systems across your organization to help you quickly address evolving threats.




Detect and disrupt data breaches quickly

After data breaches occur, analysis often finds clear evidence of malicious activity in the audit logs. If the threats could have been detected and made known in time, they could have been stopped.                                       


 Get compliant, stay compliant

I need to get compliant with industry and governmental mandates to improve my security posture and avoid the costs and penalties of non-compliance. How can I achieve this when my IT infrastructure is expanding into the cloud... and beyond?




Configure systems to protect against threats

Our current security and compliance processes can’t identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations fast enough. We are putting our critical assets at risk. What can I do to quickly identify—and—resolve—key system vulnerabilities?                                                                              


Protect sensitive data

My business users are always looking to get their jobs done better, faster and easier. With cloud computing, mobile devices and other technologies in the workplace, I am looking for ways to manage security and compliance risks to our most sensitive data.                        




Control and monitor privileged users

The number of users with overly broad access rights in my organization is growing. I worry about how they use those rights. I need to manage the security risks of privileged user access and changes to my sensitive data.






1) Sentinel™ Enterprise

Pure Power. Serious Simplicity.
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